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God Incarnate (Part 2)

Tim Keller |  December 19, 2010

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  • Doctrine
Hebrews 2:5-18
RS 326-06


The incarnation— the event of God becoming fully human in Jesus Christ— is the paradigm-shattering event of human history. In the incarnation, the ideal became real, the absolute became particular, and the invisible became visible. If we can grasp this doctrine, it has enormous implications for our lives. This sermon will cover 1) What the incarnation is; 2) What it does in your life; 3) Why it can do this.

Hebrews 2:5–18

Christmas is all about God becoming fully human in Jesus Christ, a concept known as the incarnation. Jesus went through human pain and death, which enabled him to make up for our sins as a kind and merciful high priest. This deep concept impacts how we live as believers.

1. Understanding the incarnation

Psalm 8 talks about a perfect world where humans were on top, but our world is far from that, filled with death, disease, and conflict because we’ve drifted from God. However, there’s hope in Jesus Christ, who faced death for us, making it possible for us to become God’s children through his grace. The incarnation, where God became something we can touch and see in Jesus, has a big impact on our lives.

2. The impact of the incarnation

The themes of getting involved and being vulnerable come up when we talk about Jesus Christ. God chose to connect with us through Jesus, even though it meant being vulnerable and making a sacrifice. Our society often tries to avoid being vulnerable or involved, but true love and making a real difference require us to give selflessly and engage with others. We’re encouraged to trust in God, who understands all our troubles and struggles, and to keep hoping for a better future, even in a world that’s far from perfect.

3. The power of the incarnation

The incarnation shows us that Jesus, driven by love, humility, and selflessness, faced vulnerability and suffering for us like a hero. Real courage comes from acts of love and sacrifice, not just adrenaline. Understanding Jesus’ selfless sacrifice is important for building spiritual courage and resilience when we face suffering.



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