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God With Us

Tim Keller |  November 10, 2002

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  • Jesus' Death & Resurrection
Exodus 40:20-37
RS 154-10

Exodus 40:20–37

When Moses set up the tabernacle in Exodus, it was a key event. It showed what worship should look like, with the Holy of Holies as its heart. The story tells us that we often serve what we value most. It also reminds us that real freedom comes when God is the most important thing in our lives. So, the tabernacle is important because it shows us that worship is the way to freedom.

1. Why do we need the tabernacle?

Throughout history, people have believed in a spiritual world and felt the need to connect with it. However, our modern society often tells us that we can explain everything naturally and scientifically. But as more people are turning back to faith and spirituality, it’s clear that we need to recognize the spiritual world to understand morality and life’s meaning. This means we need a spiritual bridge to connect the natural and spiritual worlds.

2. How does the tabernacle work?

The tabernacle is a special pathway to God’s presence. It helps us overcome the barriers and misunderstandings about needing a spiritual connection in today’s world. As we learn more about God, we might feel unworthy and encounter spiritual obstacles that can make us feel unimportant. This is a common experience for many people. The tabernacle symbolizes God’s promise to fix our broken world. It’s like a preview of the garden of Eden and a sign of better things to come, with future temples offering everyone access to God’s glory and presence.

3. Who is the tabernacle pointing to?

When Jesus said, “Destroy this temple, and in three days I will raise it up again,” he was revealing who he really is and his role as the bridge between God and people. He represents everything about the tabernacle, including the sacrifice, priest, basin, altar, bread, and lamp. Through his death, he opened the way into God’s presence. His death and resurrection show the glory of God, who is completely gracious and just. By understanding what Jesus did, we can see this glory and be changed.

4. Where can you find the tabernacle?

When we have a relationship with God based on grace, we find the tabernacle in Jesus Christ. He changes the old way of doing things – we are accepted first, and then we do good, not the other way around. This grace-filled relationship lets us be close to God, changes us into priests, and makes our prayers full of the amazing experience of His love. Our community, reflecting the beauty of the tabernacle, proves God’s presence, heals divisions, and shows the beauty of God living among us through our relationships and interactions.



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