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God With Us: Through His Presence

Tim Keller |  December 18, 1994

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  • Christmas and Advent
Hebrews 2:14-18
RS 53-14

Hebrews 2:14–15, 17–18

Christmas reminds us that Jesus Christ is God who became human. This big idea, often missed in ordinary religious thinking, changes how we should live. The heart of Christmas is that God becoming a human teaches us three important things about who He is.

1. God cares about the physical

Christianity is unique because it says the physical world is important. This is shown by God making humans to look like Him and by Jesus becoming a human and rising from the dead. This is different from other ideas that say the physical world isn’t real or is less important. As Christians, we should work to help with physical problems like poverty, pain, and sickness. This shows that both our spiritual and physical lives matter in our faith.

2. God understands suffering

Jesus Christ, as a true human, knew what it was like to suffer and to be tempted. He knows our struggles because He went through them. His experiences with betrayal, loneliness, poverty, and facing death make Him a caring helper when we’re hurting. Just like an x-ray tech who has been a patient can treat other patients more gently, we can trust Jesus to take care of us because He has been where we are.

3. God wants a relationship with us

Christmas shows that God wants to be close to us. He does this by coming to us as Jesus, who is like a high priest. This isn’t just about following rules, but about feeling like we’re part of God’s family. This helps us come into His powerful and holy presence. Because Jesus came to us, there’s nothing keeping us from being close to God. We can experience His presence in our lives and get to know Him, depend on Him, and serve Him.



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