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Grace and the New Birth

Tim Keller |  November 5, 1995

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James 1:16-18
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Understanding James 1:16–18

James, Jesus’ brother, wrote a book in the Bible discussing how we should handle life’s difficulties and temptations. He tells us that we should face these issues bravely, with self-control and faith. According to James, being a Christian gives us a new reason to live, knowing that every good thing in our life is a gift from God, and a new strength from God’s word of truth. This reason and strength help us to take on life’s problems as God’s special people.

1. The reason to live

Both James and a writer named C.S. Lewis say that while Christians should be thankful for the good things in life, they should also understand their true purpose. They warn us not to confuse temporary happiness with lasting joy, using the story of a man named Esau who traded his valuable inheritance for a single meal. They emphasize the importance of focusing on our relationship with God, the life-changing impact of meeting Jesus, and the hope for a wonderful eternal life.

2. The strength

Being a Christian, or ‘born again’, means adopting a new way of life which is deeply influenced by Jesus’ teachings, especially the ones from His Sermon on the Mount. This life-changing event needs God’s power to happen, similar to the fresh start a baby gets at birth, and emphasizes the importance of God’s word of truth in shaping our character. This teaching highlights the increased understanding that comes with being born again, the importance of living out our beliefs, staying true to ourselves, and finding bravery and strength in Jesus.



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