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Growth in Grace

Tim Keller |  January 5, 1992

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  • Discipleship and Spiritual Growth
John 15:1-11
RS 26-01

John 15:1–11

Think of life as a downward escalator that symbolizes how the world naturally drags us down. However, growing in our faith with Jesus Christ is like stepping up that escalator, offering an escape from this downward pull. The Bible gives us deep insights into why and how we can grow spiritually.

1. Why can we grow?

Imagine the relationship between Christians and Christ as a vine and its branches. This close bond is essential for our spiritual growth. Being connected with Christ allows us to embrace a divine nature, which can deeply transform our character and equip us for a godly life. Understanding this bond should inspire us to let go of unimportant things and embrace the possibility of change in us and around us.

2. How can we grow?

Spiritual growth comes from depending on God, just like a branch depends on the vine for survival. We can nourish this growth by deeply engaging with the Bible and constantly remembering God’s unconditional love for us. By reflecting on and studying the Bible, and applying its teachings and God’s love to our lives, we can grow in grace and become more like Christ.

3. Why must we grow?

Jesus taught that spiritual growth, shown through love, self-control, and bravery, is a mark of being a Christian. While there may be times when our growth seems to pause, a consistent lack of growth may make us question our faith. We must always seek God, even during tough times, and welcome His life into ours to encourage growth and transformation.



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