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Haughty Eyes

Tim Keller |  November 14, 2004

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  • Anxiety
  • Sin
Proverbs 11:2,12; 13:10; 15:25,33; 16:18-19; 21:4; 28:26
RS 178-10


Today’s message comes from a series on the topic of wisdom in the book of Proverbs. We’ve defined wisdom according to the Bible as “competence with regard to the complex realities of life.” This means being wise is knowing something about the way the world works in order to make the right moral decision. It’s not enough to just know the rules, but we need to have wisdom so that we can apply the rules appropriately in all types of life situations.

We are technically oriented as a society so generally we want a technique when it comes to rules. However, the book of Proverbs does not give you methods by which you can make wise decisions. Instead, it says, “Here’s the kind of person you have to become who makes wise decisions.” Today we’re going to focus on pride and humility, and we’ll learn about three things: the diagnosis of pride (what it is); the destructiveness of pride (what it does); and the antidote for pride.

Understanding Proverbs

Proverbs teaches us that wisdom isn’t just about knowing right from wrong. It’s also about understanding complex situations and growing personally. To be truly wise, we need to be humble, aware of our own mistakes, understand how dangerous pride can be, and look for ways to become better.

1. Understanding pride

Proverbs and C.S. Lewis describe pride as wanting to be better and have more than others. This can make us constantly seek approval and confirmation of our worth. This need can make us self-centred, scared, anxious, and dependent on others to feel good about ourselves, stopping us from fully experiencing life. In the end, pride can replace God’s role in our life with a false sense of self-importance, which can lead to bad outcomes.

2. How pride can harm us

Pride can lead to destruction. It can distort how we see reality and stop us from learning from our mistakes. Pride can make us blame others and have a false sense of self, leading to bad choices. When we focus on our own glory rather than giving it, we go against God’s nature and purpose. God is about love and favoring those who are weak, poor, and excluded.

3. How to overcome pride

God often chooses those who are overlooked by society. This shows us the transformative power of Jesus’ teachings. Christianity’s growth is tied to the message of hope and salvation through humility, grace, and forgiveness. Fear of the Lord and humility free us from the need to prove our worth. God’s acceptance and love are all the affirmation we need. Remembering this daily can guide us to be wise and humble.



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