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He Is Our Peace (Part 1)

Tim Keller |  February 7, 1993

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  • The Church (Unity, Fellowship, Leadership)
  • Atonement
  • Salvation
Ephesians 2:11-16
RS 237-28

Understanding Ephesians 2:11–16

Ephesians 2:11-16 talks about how Jesus brought together different people, both Jews and Gentiles (non-Jews), into one united family of believers, showing the power of God’s love. Sometimes we focus more on our own needs and feelings, forgetting that being part of a church means caring for each other and working together. The symbol of the cross reminds us of Jesus’ love and his desire for unity among his followers.

1. The cross reminds us that we need Jesus

One of the biggest challenges we humans face is admitting when we’re wrong. We often blame others instead. Christianity teaches us that we can’t save ourselves from our mistakes and wrongdoings. Only Jesus, through his death on the cross, can do that. This reminds us that we’re not perfect and that our only real accomplishment is accepting Jesus’ sacrifice for us. This understanding can help bring peace in our lives and in the world.

2. The cross shows Jesus’ love for all people

When Jesus died on the cross, he did it for everyone, regardless of who they are or where they come from. This shows that everyone is welcome in his church, and we’re all equal in his eyes. The cross reminds us of this, helping us to see that we’re all in the same boat, trying to navigate life’s challenges together.

3. The cross shows us that we’re loved

In 1 John 4, we learn that knowing we’re loved by Jesus helps us to love others better. When we remember that Jesus died for us, we feel accepted and at peace, which makes it easier to build good relationships with others. Sometimes, we forget about Jesus’ sacrifice and start to value material things more, which can cause problems in our relationships. But when we remember the cross, we’re reminded of the priceless value of every person, which can help fix those problems.



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