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Healing of Peter

Tim Keller |  May 17, 1992

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  • Restoration
  • Repentance
  • Sin
John 21:4-17
RS 26-18

John 21:4–17

Peter’s self-assuredness slipped away in a tough situation, showing his fear and dishonesty. This left him feeling hurt and questioning his value. But Jesus, the best healer, offers a way back through saying sorry and turning away from our wrongs. This act of saying sorry and changing isn’t just for some, but for all of us, because we’ve all messed up and need Jesus’ healing.

1. You have to open

Saying sorry and changing starts with taking full ownership of our actions, like when Jesus talked with Peter about his denial. This isn’t just about feeling bad about yourself, but about a deeper change that goes beyond feeling guilty. In the end, saying sorry and changing is a journey towards freedom and new beginnings, more like a surgery than just cutting.

2. You have to find the trouble spot

The next step in saying sorry and changing requires pinpointing and admitting our wrongs, which goes beyond just owning up. Jesus’ talk with Peter shows that the real issue wasn’t just the act itself, but more about pride and trying to take God’s place. Understanding that our wrongs are attempts to push God aside and grasping how serious they are, is crucial for real change, freedom from their grip, and genuine transformation.

3. You have to get it out

Tackling the root issue and using the strength of sadness can help us let go of it. There’s a difference between the kind of sorrow that leads to freedom and no regret and the kind that doesn’t. The power of feeling sorry for what we’ve done to our Savior, rather than feeling sorry for ourselves, can lead to real change and lasting freedom.



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