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Heavenly Worship

Tim Keller |  June 20, 1993

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  • Glorification
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Revelation 4:8 - 5:10
RS 41-10

Revelation 4:8–5:10

In the book of Revelation, John describes a vision that shows a great and heavenly reality, much more magnificent and important than our everyday world. Jesus welcomes us to this reality, confirming that heaven is real. At the heart of this extraordinary world is worship, which helps us understand the true meaning of life, the center of the universe, and the flow of history. It teaches us why, how, and what we should worship.

1. The need for worship

In Revelation, we discover that everything in creation, including humans and nature, is meant to worship and glorify God. Like Psalm 19 suggests, beauty itself is a form of worship when creation fulfills its purpose and shines for its creator. Our habit of making idols out of famous people or sports teams reveals our deep need to adore something bigger than ourselves, which is key to living a meaningful life.

2. The way to worship

Worship isn’t just a single action but a process that involves praise, gratitude, admitting our wrongs, and prayer. It engages both our thinking and feeling sides. It starts with understanding truth and ends with a deeply personal experience, much like finding a hidden treasure. True worship means letting God take the driver’s seat in our lives, realizing His supreme importance in everything we do, and offering Him the respect He deserves in response to His infinite value.

3. The focus of worship

Worship shouldn’t be directed just anywhere, but towards the right place. Thinking that being sincere in worship is enough, no matter what or who we worship, is a mistake. True worship is about recognizing and appreciating the selfless love of Jesus Christ, the Lamb of God, and finding our satisfaction in Him.



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