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How God Makes Us Loyal

Tim Keller |  November 20, 1994

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1 John 2:1-6
RS 257-09

1 John 2:1–2

The idea that Jesus Christ is not just someone who took our punishment but also someone who continues to stand up for us before God is an essential part of Christianity. This idea reminds us that Jesus took on our sins and gave us his goodness. It assures us of salvation and lifts the weight of always trying to prove ourselves worthy.

1. It’s the only way you can deal with guilt

Just thinking about Jesus dying on the cross isn’t going to get rid of guilt. We need to understand that Jesus doesn’t just beg for mercy for us, but he argues for justice on our behalf. As our defender, Jesus promises us that our faith will not fail. We can only truly beat guilt when we accept our need for Jesus to speak up for us before God.

2. It’s the only way you can deal with anxiety and discouragement

The good news of the gospel can seem confusing: we are imperfect but fully accepted by Christ. When we get discouraged, it usually means we’ve misplaced our trust, either in trying to be perfect or in ignoring our flaws completely. Real peace and freedom comes when we admit our flaws, give them to Christ, and rely completely on him for our worth and salvation.

3. It’s the only way you can have self-discipline

True Christian obedience comes from knowing God deeply, not from trying to get closer to Him. If we misunderstand God’s love, we might obey out of fear. But if we truly understand how much God loves us through Jesus Christ, we’ll want to do what’s right out of love and regret for our mistakes. If we struggle with self-discipline, it might be because we’re obeying out of fear. But understanding God’s love can help us conquer feelings of guilt, discouragement, and lack of self-control.



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