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How Sin Makes Us Convicts

Tim Keller |  March 7, 1999

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  • Objections to Christianity
  • Sin
  • God's Love
Isaiah 64:1-9, 65:17-18
RS 101-5

Isaiah 64:1–9, 65:17–18

Many people prefer to think of God as always loving and forgiving, but the Bible also talks about God’s anger towards sin, as in Isaiah 64:1-9 and 65:17-18. Recognizing this part of God’s nature helps us better appreciate His love, understand our need for humility, and see why His anger is necessary to correct wrongs and heal the world.

1. God’s anger in the Bible is not like our anger usually is

Some people might think of God’s anger as primitive or as causing intolerance and violence. But Miroslav Volf, in “Exclusion & Embrace,” makes the point that believing in a God who gets angry at injustice is actually a key to peace. He learned from living in a war-torn country that without a God who hates injustice, it’s impossible to end cycles of violence and achieve real peace. This shows how important it is to believe in a God who can get angry at wrongdoing, in order to foster hope and peace in a world filled with unfairness.

2. You need an angry God if you’re going to live in humility

The Bible passages we’re looking at show a surprising connection between two ideas: God’s judgment comes to those who are quick to judge others. This challenges our usual thoughts about an angry God, and shows that all of us, not just those we think are doing wrong, deserve judgment. The Bible encourages us to be humble, treat others as equals, and reflect on our own actions. It also highlights how important it is to believe in a God who judges, for the sake of forgiveness and living together in a society.

3. You need an angry God if you’re really going to understand how loved you are

God’s love is like a fire: it’s powerful and focused. By understanding how God can be just and punish wrongdoing, we can truly appreciate the depth of His love. A God who both loves passionately and can be passionately angry, who can discipline and transform us, is crucial for us to grow and surrender to Him.



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