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How Sin Makes Us Homeless

Tim Keller |  February 21, 1999

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  • Prophecy
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Isaiah 61:1-11
RS 101-3

Isaiah 61:1–11

Isaiah, a key figure in the Old Testament, foretold the role of the Messiah. He said the Messiah would bring hope to the poor, mend broken hearts, free the imprisoned, and comfort those who mourn. This prophecy shows that the Messiah will bring healing and change. It also teaches us that sin is not just breaking God’s rules, but also creating disorder in His perfect plan, causing Him sorrow, and straying from His purpose for us. Understanding sin in this way helps us see how much we need the Messiah in our lives.

1. Understanding the problem

Isaiah talks about the things the Messiah would do, like helping the poor, healing hearts, and setting people free from their struggles. This introduces the idea of Jubilee, which was a time of debt forgiveness and freedom that was never fully put into practice in Israel. When the Messiah comes, it’s like Jubilee is finally happening. This results in personal, social, and racial healing, rebuilding of cities, and dealing with the effects of sin. Isaiah also describes different aspects of the Messiah, showing victory through weakness and suffering. Jesus Christ is the ultimate example of this, as He takes our sorrow, mourning, and hopelessness, and gives us beauty, joy, and strength in return.

3. How we should respond

It’s important to accept Jesus Christ and follow His way, even if it’s different from what we want. We need to see Jesus as both the victorious hero and the servant who sacrificed Himself for us. We also need to understand that while God forgives and protects us, we still have to face the consequences of our actions. This is shown in how Jesus responded differently to two sisters who were mourning the death of their brother.



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