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How To Find Real Treasure

Tim Keller |  November 1, 1998

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Matthew 13:44-46
RS 95-3

Matthew 13:44–46

The stories about the hidden treasure and the valuable pearl in Matthew 13:44-46 tell us that spiritual gifts can often be found in unexpected places. When we find these gifts, they can change us completely, affecting every part of our lives. This shows that spiritual gifts are not just rules or feelings of comfort, but powerful truths that can change everything about us.

1. Spiritual gifts are never found where you expect them

This idea of finding spiritual gifts in ordinary places and people is discussed, challenging our usual way of judging things by how they look on the outside. This idea, which is also found in the writings of C.S. Lewis, teaches us not to overlook ordinary things and shows us the value of simplicity. It invites us to look beyond appearances to find spiritual truths. Christians are encouraged to not care about image or social status, but to focus on finding the hidden gifts within.

2. Spiritual gifts change your life completely

The stories tell us how realizing the true worth of spiritual gifts can completely change our lives and what we care about. Understanding the sacrifice Jesus Christ made for us brings about a shift in our emotional wealth, making everything else seem less important. This deep understanding encourages us to obey God, accept His plans, and find spiritual gifts in everyday things, leading to a total transformation of our lives.



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