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How To Find the Way

Tim Keller |  October 18, 1998

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  • Salvation
Matthew 7:7-14
RS 95-1

Matthew 7:7–14

Jesus talks about finding our spiritual path and the choices we must make. He says there’s a wide path that ends in trouble, and a narrow path that leads to joy. We’re invited to think about what path we’re on. This is about exploring our spiritual journey and the significance of choosing the narrow path.

1. Where do they lead?

Jesus uses the words “narrow” and “broad” in a surprising way. He says the narrow path of the gospel, which might seem limited, actually opens up to a world of freedom. On the other hand, paths that seem open and easy lead to a dead end. The gospel, though it may seem restricting, offers a rich inner freedom, while paths that appear broad are actually confining and lead to spiritual death.

2. What are they?

The broad and narrow paths aren’t about good versus bad people. They’re about why people do what they do. Those on the broad path do kind things to look good and earn God’s favor. Meanwhile, people on the narrow path act out of true love for God. The narrow way is about accepting the forgiveness Jesus offers, admitting our own mistakes, in contrast to the judgmental and superior attitudes found on the broad path.

3. Why do they lead there?

Believing that Jesus is the only way to salvation might seem limiting, but it’s the only way to truly understand and accept grace. Those who say all good people can find God are actually relying on their own good deeds to save them. This shows that what we believe is important and dismissing it is a belief in itself. Understanding that salvation is a gift, not a reward for good deeds, allows us to see our real worth in Christ and experience true freedom.

4. How can you make sure you’re on the right way?

The sermon emphasizes choosing salvation through a relationship with God, not just doing good deeds. On judgment day, the important thing will be whether we made this choice. For believers, it’s crucial to keep their spiritual freedom by avoiding judgmental attitudes and always remembering the good news of Jesus. Forgetting the gospel could mean losing this freedom.



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