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How To Sing at Christmas

Tim Keller |  December 6, 1992

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  • Christmas and Advent
Luke 1:46-55
RS 38-01

Luke 1:46–55

Mary’s song, known as the Magnificat, is the first Christmas carol and a model for all followers of Christ. After hearing the news about Jesus’ birth, Mary experienced a deep change, not by her own doing, but one driven by an outside force that shook her to her core. To really change like Mary, we need to understand and accept the truths about God – His character, His plans, and His ability to provide – when we sing Christmas carols.

1. His nature

Mary shows that the real meaning of Christmas is about understanding God’s character. It goes beyond the holiday spirit of kindness among people, revealing God’s true self through His strength, purity, and mercy. To truly understand and be changed by Christmas, we need to see it as a reminder of God’s power, His stand against sin, and His loving, healing grace.

2. His purposes

Christianity focuses on what God has done in history, unlike other religions that focus on personal beliefs. Mary’s song in Luke 1:51-55 praises God’s actions in the world, not just individual experiences. The Christmas message highlights God’s dedication to His plans throughout history, reminding us of His promise to Abraham and preparing us for His surprising moves.

3. His adequacy

Mary’s statement that God feeds the hungry and sends away the rich reflects the Beatitudes’ message of blessings for those who realize their spiritual need. This is different from typical self-help ideas because it emphasizes the importance of humility and relying on God, rather than depending on ourselves. History proves that the gospel often connects more with the less fortunate, showing the Christian responsibility to side with the poor, admit our faults, and depend on God’s unchanging plan and provision.



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