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How We Become Believers

Tim Keller |  September 9, 2012

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2 Kings 5:1-14
RS 336-01


Tim Keller sermons via Gospel in Life: In this passage, we see Naaman, a sophisticated, powerful Syrian general, go to Israel and to the God of Israel to get help. Given the astonishing amount of hatred and disdain there was between these two nations, its shocking that Namaan would do that. What causes an incredibly sophisticated, unlikely person like Naaman to start to seek the God of the Bible? This sermon will show us: 1) Why people seek, 2) How people find, and 3) Why people can seek and find.



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In The Reason for God, Tim Keller examines literature, philosophy, real-life conversations and reasoning to present how faith in Christ is a sound and rational belief with intellectual integrity.