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I Am the Bread

Tim Keller |  December 13, 1998

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  • Atonement
  • Salvation
  • God's Love
John 6:5-13; 32-35
RS 96-5

John 6:5–13; 32–35

Through the miracle where a tiny amount of food feeds a huge crowd, we see Jesus’ incredible power. It’s a mind-bending event that also tells us about God’s kingdom and the life-changing gift of everlasting life. This miracle is a triple whammy – it works on our minds, bodies, and hearts.

1. It’s food for thought

When Jesus fed 5,000 people with just a few loaves and fish, it wasn’t only about showing off His power. It made people wonder about who He really was. Even though the crowd saw this as proof that He was God, Jesus said His life, teachings, and actions were the real deal. If we really think about all aspects of Jesus’s life, we begin to understand that He is the undeniable evidence and the spiritual nourishment we need.

2. It’s real food

Jesus’ miracles are like road signs pointing to God’s kingdom and what He wants to do – fix everything that’s wrong in life. These miracles don’t break the rules of nature, they just put things back the way they should be for a little while. His healing is the only normal thing in a messed-up world. As Christians, we’re supposed to follow Jesus’ lead – we need to help and learn from the poor, and show kindness every day.

3. It’s food for the soul

Jesus calls Himself the bread of life, meaning He gave up His life for all of us. To be accepted by God, we have to see Jesus for who He really is and depend on Him. It’s about being honest about our weaknesses, letting God be in charge, and making Jesus the most important part of our lives. This is how we find salvation, overcome tough times, and truly change.



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