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I Thirst

Tim Keller |  March 9, 2008

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  • Sin
  • Atonement
  • Redemption
John 19:28-37
RS 201-4

John 19:28–37

The story of Jesus’ death highlights how important this event is. It shows us three key things: where Jesus got his strength from, what he’s offering us, and how we can accept his offer in our everyday lives. Just like Moses at the burning bush, we should think about this story with great respect.

1. Where He found His strength

Jesus faced many challenges and hardships in his life, yet he remained strong. This strength came from his relationship with the Spirit and the Father, not just from being divine himself. He knew and used the Bible in his life, shaping his character and actions. So, to recognize Jesus as God’s Son, we also need to respect the Bible’s authority, because his love for it is a big part of who he is.

2. What He’s offering us

When Jesus said he was thirsty on the cross, it wasn’t just about needing water. It symbolized how we feel empty inside when we don’t make God the most important part of our lives. This “thirst” in our spirit can only be satisfied when we experience God as the main reality of our lives, not just believe in Him. Jesus, who felt the deepest spiritual thirst and separation from God, gives us the living water of His love and glory. This can fill our spiritual needs and become a source of everlasting life within us.

3. How we can accept His offer in our everyday lives

When Jesus said, “It is finished,” on the cross, it meant that he had paid the full price for our salvation, connecting us back with God. Unlike other religions that require constant effort, Jesus’ sacrifice is enough. Trying to add to it only makes it seem less valuable. It’s important to remember that we are imperfect people saved by God’s grace. We are deeply loved despite our flaws. So, we should be happy about Jesus’ sacrifice, stop trying to earn God’s love, and find our true identity in Him.



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