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Indestructible Love

Tim Keller |  March 14, 1999

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  • God's Love
Isaiah 49:8-21
RS 101-6

Isaiah 49:8–16

Let’s think about how knowing God’s love can help us face our worst fears and struggles. Even when things seem impossible, God promises to turn our darkness into light and create a loving community around us. But sometimes, it’s hard for us to see that because we get so down. The good news is, God never stops loving us and shows us how to overcome our despair.

1. God pauses

When we’re feeling really down, God stops to listen to us. He doesn’t ignore us or think we’ll just get over it. Instead, He takes the time to understand our pain. This shows us how we should also stop and really listen to others when they’re hurting, instead of rushing to offer advice or ignoring their problems.

2. God guides

God doesn’t want us to ignore our feelings or let them control us. Instead, He helps us to think about who He is, remember what He’s done, and understand who we are in Him. This approach not only helps us when we’re down but also helps us to be better followers of God.

1. “Remember who I am.”

God loves us like a mother loves her baby. This love isn’t based on what we do or achieve, but is a natural, tender love that never ends. Even though God is holy and just, He loves us deeply, which is truly amazing.

2. “Recall what I’ve done.”

God’s love for us is so deep that He sees us as beautiful works of art, symbolized by our names carved on His hands. The story of Joseph shows us that even when God seems silent, He’s working for a greater purpose. The cross shows us how God’s love and justice meet, as our sins become Christ’s and His obedience becomes ours. This love transforms us and helps us find our true identity in Jesus.

3. “Embrace who you are in Me.”

God sees us for who we can be, not for our flaws or mistakes. When we’re struggling, we can find comfort knowing that Jesus paid for our sins and that our value comes from God’s unchanging love, not from the world. Knowing who we are in God and how much He loves us brings us peace and gives us a solid foundation, no matter what we face in life.



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