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It Is the Lord!

Tim Keller |  April 23, 2017

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John 21:1-14
RS 377-02


It is the Lord! – Video Preview

Sermon Summary

Jesus’ first encounter with his disciples post-resurrection is a pivotal moment where he continues to guide them, and by extension, all Christians, on how to represent him in the world. Four key teachings emerge from this encounter: supernatural unity, new identity, continuous intimacy, and comprehensive certainty. These principles accentuate the significance of unity within the community of believers.

1. Supernatural unity

The supernatural unity believers experience through an encounter with Jesus Christ is a key concept, uniting individuals despite differences in temperament and outlook. Jesus meets each person at their point of need, revealing different aspects of Himself, stressing the importance of knowing Jesus in community to fully comprehend His multi-dimensional glory. Believers are challenged to actively participate in the church community and commit to their fellow Christians.

2. New identity

The transformation of Peter, from fear and self-rejection in Luke 5 to joy and acceptance in John 21, illustrates the profound impact of encountering Jesus. This encounter demands an extreme response, either fear or joyous surrender, as it challenges our self-image based on personal achievements and instead offers an identity rooted in grace. This grace-based identity, as seen in Peter’s life, allows us to accept our flaws and weaknesses, leading us deeper into God’s love.

3. Continuous intimacy

Intimacy with Jesus transcends mere belief or obedience, it requires a profound, personal connection. The repeated miracle in John 21 illustrates that fellowship with Jesus is possible even without his physical presence. The post-resurrection interactions with Mary and Thomas reveal that through the Holy Spirit, we can experience Jesus’ love and presence at all times and places.

4. Comprehensive certainty

Intimacy, supernatural unity, new identity, and comprehensive certainty are vital within the church, fostering a deep connection with God and a strong sense of identity. The mental certainty of the first disciples who preached the Christian message can be mirrored today through careful reflection on the Gospel accounts, affirming the resurrection of Jesus. The historical nature of the New Testament serves as evidence for the resurrection, highlighting the necessity of spiritual certainty in Jesus Christ, and the transformative gifts available to believers.



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