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Jesus at His Friend’s Feast

Tim Keller |  November 27, 2005

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  • God's Love
John 2:1-11
RS 187-12

John 2:1–11

The story where Jesus goes to a wedding and transforms water into wine is quite unusual, but it holds a lot of meaning. It shows us the divine power Jesus has, even when used to solve a minor social embarrassment. This makes us wonder why Jesus chose this specific miracle and what he wanted to teach us from it. We should focus on what Jesus is offering us, how he gives it to us, and how we can accept these gifts.

1. What Jesus came to offer

The story of a wedding running out of wine, which could have been embarrassing, is where Jesus performs his first miracle. He makes a lot of excellent wine, showing his divine power and purpose. This action, which was neither a healing nor a sermon, but a moment of joy, paints Jesus as the true host of the party, promising to satisfy our deepest wants. He wants us not just to believe, but to fully experience God’s love and power, filling our lives with real joy and confidence by accepting Jesus as a reality.

2. How Jesus provides it

When Jesus changes water into wine, it shows his divine power and his desire to have a deep, personal relationship with us. The stone water jars and Jesus’ willingness to take on the cup of eternal justice symbolize his deep love and happiness for us, just like a groom is joyful when he sees his bride. The story ends with the powerful idea that love can change everything, promising a future where sadness becomes joy and the world becomes a better place.

3. How we can receive it

It’s important to understand how Jesus’ gifts can change our prayer life. We should focus on “saving prayer,” which means depending on His work rather than ours, so we don’t worry and miss out on happiness. We need to admit we need salvation and thank Jesus Christ for His actions. We should bring our worries and wishes to God, trusting in His special ways and waiting patiently for His plan to unfold.



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