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Jesus’ Meal With Matthew

Tim Keller |  December 11, 2005

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  • Purpose and Calling
Matthew 9:9-17
RS 188-2

Matthew 9:9–17

During the holiday season, as we gather around the dinner table, it’s almost like we’re reliving the times Jesus shared meals with people in the Bible. These meals were more than just food; they were symbols of the life-changing power of Jesus. He used images like new wine, old wineskins, and new cloth to show this. This new life with Jesus gives us a fresh focus, brings us closer to others, and empowers us in extraordinary ways.

1. A Fresh Focus

When God calls us to follow Him, it means putting Jesus first in everything. While our individual experiences may vary, one thing remains the same: this commitment to Jesus leads to a deep change and renewal in our lives. We start to understand that Jesus should be our number one priority, and everything else takes a backseat.

2. Closer Relationships

Jesus didn’t care much for dietary rules or cleanliness rituals, especially when he was with the leper in Matthew 8, which really puzzled the Pharisees. His actions show us that God’s holiness is more powerful than sin and can make the unclean clean again. This changes how we relate to the world around us. It teaches us to live with love and acceptance, placing kindness and mercy above strict religious practices.

3. Extraordinary Power

Jesus explained to his followers that their bond with him would be deep and lasting, like the relationship between a bride and groom. He also told them about his upcoming sacrifice for their sins. This amazing gift of grace and mercy, which blurs the line between the good and the bad, should be reflected in how Christians live, especially in acts of service. The celebration of Christmas reminds us of God’s love for us and his willingness to enter our imperfect world. It encourages believers to live like Jesus, and for those who are still exploring Christianity, it gives them a reason to keep seeking.



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