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Jesus’ Meal With Peter

Tim Keller |  December 18, 2005

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  • Jesus' Death & Resurrection
John 21:4-22
RS 188-3

John 21:4–22

When we read about Jesus showing up after He’s been resurrected, we get a lot of specific details, like how many fish the disciples caught and what Peter did. These details aren’t just there for fun – they help us understand a big idea: reconciliation. Because of Jesus, we can fix broken relationships with others, ourselves, and most importantly, with God.

1. We can fix relationships with others

Each of the disciples was different, but Jesus brought them together. This shows us that Jesus can bring all kinds of people together – no matter their race, personality, social status, or gender. This unity is something special and can only happen through Jesus. Trusting in this unity can be tough, but it’s worth it.

2. Jesus helps us be okay with ourselves

Often, the reason we can’t get along with others is that we’re not okay with ourselves. We see this with Peter when he denies knowing Jesus. Before we can fix relationships with others, we need to be okay with who we are – flaws and all. When Jesus tells Peter to “feed my lambs”, He’s saying that, to truly care for others, we need to love and serve selflessly. But to do this, we first need to accept ourselves and understand the grace Jesus offers us.

3. We can fix our relationship with God

When Jesus talks to Peter about being vulnerable, He’s showing us that true relationships require openness. By accepting Jesus’ love and sacrifice, we can serve others without expecting anything in return and turn our mistakes into chances to grow. We must focus on our personal journey with Jesus and remember that, through Him, our endings can become beginnings, leading to lives filled with reconciliation.



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