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Jesus’ Meal With Zaccheus

Tim Keller |  December 4, 2005

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  • Redemption
  • Salvation
Luke 19:1-10
RS 188-1

Luke 19:1–10

Zacchaeus, a disliked tax collector, experiences a deep change that shows us the main idea of salvation. To fully understand this divine change, we must do three things symbolically: climb a tree, get past the crowd, and invite Jesus into our homes. These steps are key to fully accept the salvation Jesus offers.

1. You have to climb up a tree

Pride and dignity can sometimes block us from salvation. This is shown by Zacchaeus who had to let go of his pride to see Jesus. This tells us that we need humility to be saved. People criticize the Narnia books for how they portray Susan, showing the danger of leaving behind a belief in the supernatural. Society often tells us to grow out of this belief as we get older, even though Jesus says that childlike faith is needed to go to heaven. People like Martin Luther King Jr. have stood up against society’s criticism to keep their faith, showing how the gospel can bring back our childlike wonder.

2. You have to get over the crowd

Zacchaeus was stopped from meeting Jesus by a judgmental crowd who labeled him a sinner. This shows how pride can stop us from accepting the gospel. It’s important to move away from this negativity and seek Jesus ourselves, to understand his true nature, which dislikes religious fakeness just like we do. The gospel shows the difference between pretending to be righteous and the real righteousness Jesus wants, teaching us not to let judgmental people block our relationship with Jesus, who wants to enter our lives through pure love.

3. You have to take Jesus home

Jesus’ interaction with Zacchaeus shows the order and changing power of grace, showing that His love comes before our change of heart and is what causes that change. This love, as seen by how Zacchaeus reacted, deeply changes us, and asks us to apply the teachings of the gospel in all parts of our lives. The salvation Jesus offers, made possible by His death on the cross, asks us to invite Him into our lives and feel the changing power of His salvation through faith.



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