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Jesus Our Gift

Tim Keller |  December 19, 1993

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  • Christmas and Advent
  • Jesus' Birth
Romans 8:32
RS 46-04

Romans 8:32

Romans 8:32 is like a Christmas message, reminding us of the greatest gift ever given – Jesus Christ. The Bible, in places like Isaiah 9 and John 3:16, talks about Jesus as a gift that’s impossible to fully describe. Let’s look at what makes a gift special and how Jesus perfectly fits this description, helping us understand who He is and our relationship with Him better.

1. Gifts are surprises

When a gift is unexpected, it brings us a lot of happiness. This is also true with Jesus. He often surprises us and changes our understanding of who He is. Many people in Jesus’ time didn’t see Him as a gift because they were looking for a political leader. But when we truly meet Jesus, we realize our need to change and see Him in a new light.

2. Gifts can be insulting

In Christianity, we believe that salvation is a gift from God, and we can’t earn it by just being good or moral. The gospel tells us that Jesus Christ is this special gift, and we need to accept Him to be saved. This is what makes Christianity unique – the belief that a relationship with God is only possible through Jesus. We all fall short, and it’s only through Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross that we can have true righteousness, wisdom, sanctification, and redemption.

3. Gifts are immensely valuable

The gift of Jesus Christ is priceless. He is God’s presence with us, bringing joy we didn’t expect. God made Himself reachable and vulnerable to us through the birth of Jesus, breaking down walls. It’s important to realize the life-changing value of this heavenly gift.



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