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Jesus, Our Hero

Tim Keller |  November 5, 1995

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  • Doctrine
Acts 5:29-33
RS 63-09

Acts 5:29–33

In the early times, the church faced a lot of challenges and struggles. But, they stood firm in their faith, forgiving those who hurt them and even rejoicing in their troubles. This made them grow stronger, just like a seed grows when it’s buried in the soil. They were able to do this because they focused on Jesus, who is like a champion, leading them in their faith journey. We too can have this kind of courage when we focus on Jesus.

1. What makes someone a hero

When Peter talks about being ‘heroic’, he means someone who is known for their good character and who stands up for the truth even when it’s hard. These heroes are not selfish, but they often put others before themselves. Peter says that Jesus is the best example of this kind of hero because he teaches us how important it is to have a good character, be truthful, and to think of others before ourselves.

2. Why we need heroes

We love hearing stories about heroes because deep down, we want to be great too. This is something that Pascal, a famous thinker, also talked about. He said that we feel restless because we are made to be like royalty. Today, we often look up to celebrities and heroes because we want our lives to have meaning and purpose. Even though we mess up because of sin, we still have this desire to be heroes because we are made in the image of God.

3. Why Jesus is the ultimate hero

Jesus is the best hero of all because he is known for his good character, honesty, and love. Those who knew him personally could see this. He showed his heroism by choosing to do what God wanted, even when it was hard, and by taking on our weaknesses when he died on the cross. This exchange gives us his strength. When we admit our mistakes and ask for forgiveness, we can start to become like him, our ultimate hero.



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