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Jesus Our Servant

Tim Keller |  December 5, 1993

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  • Purpose and Calling
  • Jesus' Death & Resurrection
Psalm 69
RS 46-01

Psalm 69:1–21, 30–36

Studying Psalm 69 during Christmas helps us understand why Jesus came to earth. This psalm, which Jesus himself quoted, talks about the challenges Jesus would face. It’s like a prayer journal of Jesus, showing us his mission: to serve, to face hatred, and ultimately, to offer himself for us all.

1. He came to be a servant

Jesus, as shown in Psalm 69 and Philippians 2, chose to serve and make sacrifices. He willingly left his divine nature to become human. His journey from heaven to earth, ending with his death on the cross, shows us that real greatness is in serving others, not in power or status. This surprising truth, where true success comes from putting others first, encourages Christians to be humble, generous, and not worry about what the world thinks of them.

2. He came to be hated

The New Testament tells us that people hated Jesus because he was holy. This is something many of us can relate to when we try to do the right thing, like not taking bribes, helping those who are ignored by society, or being honest about money, and end up being disliked for it. This suggests that if we’re hated for no good reason, it could mean we’re truly following Jesus, because his followers are often hated without cause.

3. He came to be exchanged

David was confused about why he suffered even though he was faithful to God. This is explained by the idea of substitution, where Jesus took on our sins. Jesus’ suffering on the cross gives hope to everyone, no matter what they’ve done wrong, because he’s already paid for our sins. The greatest act of service is recognizing our own wrongdoings and accepting the love and forgiveness that Jesus offers through his sacrifice, symbolized by the bread and cup.



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