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Knowing God

Tim Keller |  September 11, 1994

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  • Trust and Assurance
1 John 1:1-4
RS 257-01

1 John 1:1–4

John’s first letter was written to encourage happiness through a close relationship with God and Jesus Christ. This message is meant for all believers, not just the church leaders. It highlights the importance of shared happiness and questions the idea of a solitary Christian life. It introduces the concept of “complete joy”, a joy that remains even in tough times. The letter recognizes that there are bad influences around us, but suggests that joy can be a way to resist them, and that real joy comes from wanting something more – not just from trying hard.

1. Knowing God

John tells us that the good news of the Bible promises eternal life and a meaningful, two-way conversation with God, not just saying prayers. This relationship includes divine guidance, advice, and support, which allows us to feel personally connected to God. When our prayer life includes this kind of interaction, it leads to deep happiness, which is a key theme in the Bible.

2. Assurance of salvation

One unique aspect of Christianity is the promise of divine love and approval, emphasizing that we’re saved through Jesus Christ’s life, not our own. This promise, based on faith and trust in what Christ has done, leads to both humility and confidence. It’s not a method or a result of positive thinking, but a deep certainty that comes from regular conversations with God and a deep understanding of His love and acceptance.



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Knowing God

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By Tim Keller

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