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Light From the Height

Tim Keller |  June 16, 1991

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  • Worship
John 8:12-30
RS 11-33

John 8:12–30

When we talk about worship, we’re talking about recognizing how great God is and how much we need Him. It’s about understanding what God wants from us and reflecting on our personal spiritual journey. Looking at John 8:12-30, we can learn from Jesus, who is described as the “light of the world,” and understand how to overcome the dark times in our lives.

1. What does Jesus mean when he says, “I am the light of the world?”

When Jesus says he’s the light of the world, he’s saying he’s our guide in times of confusion and darkness. He’s like a lighthouse, providing a constant truth that isn’t affected by what people think. If we choose to follow Jesus, we can trust in his guidance and protection, and look forward to eternal life filled with joy and strength.

2. How do we connect to that light?

To really follow Jesus, we need to understand the importance of his crucifixion. This means humbly recognizing that he is our Savior, not just a role model. If we’re struggling with feelings of self-hate, we might not fully understand the crucifixion’s impact. To walk in God’s light, we need to obey Him, share in His community, and continually self-reflect. This leads us to realize our own faults and understand God’s forgiveness, which in turn helps us surrender to Him, purify ourselves, and control our actions.

3. Jesus Christ says, “I am the light of the world because of where I come from. I come from another world”

There’s a story about a man born in a prison who wonders if there’s a world outside his cell. His life changes when he sees the outside world through a hole in the wall and hears a prince promising freedom. This story is like our Christian belief – we believe in a life beyond what we can see now, and that Jesus can free us and change our lives if we live in His light.



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