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Light has Dawned (Christmas)

Tim Keller |  December 16, 1990

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  • Christmas and Advent
  • God the Father
  • Jesus' Birth
Isaiah 9:1-8
IS 12

Isaiah 9:1–8

This passage talks about a bright future for Galilee, thanks to a child who will bring happiness, peace, and a new way of leadership. It reminds us that the real meaning of Christmas is not just about being kind and generous, but about a special gift from God. The world can be a dark place, but Jesus brings light and hope. And often, God uses unexpected ways to bring this light to us.

1. It doesn’t matter how hopeless your case is

Sometimes, things might seem hopeless, or people might seem beyond help. But God works wonders in these situations. No matter what you’ve done or how bad things seem, God’s love is for everyone. That’s one of the big messages of Christmas.

2. If it’s really true that in order for Jesus Christ to come to be near us he had to humble himself, we must do the same

Jesus chose to be born in a simple, humble setting. This shows us that being humble brings us closer to him. His birth was celebrated by people who were not considered important or respectable, reminding us that we need to let go of our pride and rely on Jesus. When we’re humble, we’re open to God’s love.

3. If you’re going to follow Jesus Christ, who came in the unexpected way and came in ways that the world considers foolish, you have to expect that you will be considered by the world to be a fool, as well

If you choose to follow Jesus, you might be seen as foolish by the world. But God’s light shines brightest in what the world sees as foolish. Jesus’ humble birth and death have had a bigger impact than many powerful rulers. How we live our lives shows what we really believe about the meaning of Christmas.

4. You have a buoyant joy

The real meaning of Christmas is about hope in dark times, brought to us by Jesus. This hope can change our lives, replacing fear with confidence and sadness with joy. We should share this hope with others. And if we struggle, we should ask God to help us understand the deep truth of Christmas.



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