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Lord of the Storm

Tim Keller |  April 7, 1991

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  • Trust and Assurance
John 6:16-21
RS 11-25

Understanding John 6:16–21

When the disciples faced a storm on a lake in John 6:16-21, they learned a lesson that can change how we see life’s problems. Being a Christian means seeing the world through a new perspective. If we see Jesus as the Master of the storm – being holy, mighty, and a teacher – it can deeply change our lives.

1. Jesus is holy

When the disciples saw Jesus walking on water, they were scared. This shows how people can be attracted to and also scared of God at the same time. This is because we desire God, but we’re also scared of giving up control to Him. The answer to this is to admit that we need a holy and loving God who helps us grow and thrive.

2. Jesus is powerful

As the Master of the storm, Jesus has power over everything, even destruction, death, and chaos. His control isn’t just over the world around us, but also our personal troubles, easing our fears and pains. No matter how crazy our lives are, Jesus can make it beautiful and orderly, sharing his power with us.

3. Jesus is your mentor

Jesus often brings his followers into tough times to guide them and show them that he’s the “I Am”. He shows us that our safety nets are not enough and that we should depend on him alone. The storms in life show us what we really depend on, teaching us to find stability in trusting God. By trusting in God, we can become more like Jesus and find refuge in him.



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