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Lord of the Wine

Tim Keller |  November 17, 1996

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  • Marriage
John 2:1-11
RS 73-03


Jesus’ first miracle was not just a miracle, but a miraculous sign. It was an acted-out picture of who Jesus is and everything Christianity is. His inaugural event was not walking on water or raising somebody from the dead. Instead, what you have here is not a very big deal. A party looks like it’s going to go two days instead of three days. Wow. What a shame.

Why did Jesus do this miracle? Why was this the first one? How does this reveal his glory? If you ask that question, there’s so much in it. You have the whole nine yards here: who he came to be, what he came to do, what he has to offer, and how we can receive it.

John 2:1–11

When we see Jesus turn water into wine at a wedding in Cana, it’s more than just a miracle. It’s a glimpse into who Jesus is, what Christianity is all about, what Jesus came to do, and how we can share in his blessings.

1. Who he was

Jesus chose a wedding for his first miracle, showing us that he is the real Master of celebrations, the one who brings real joy. Those people who think Christianity is boring are missing the point – Jesus is all about joy and celebration.

2. What he came to do

When Jesus turned water into wine, he was showing us things to come. He also showed us the close, loving relationship he wants with us, like a marriage. The miracle itself is a symbol of how Jesus cleanses us from our wrongdoings. He knew he would face suffering to bring us joy, but he did it anyway, because he loves us that much.

3. What he actually comes to offer

As the Master of celebrations and the Groom, Jesus offers us a rich, full experience and complete acceptance. The Bible talks about God in ways that engage all our senses, helping us to experience his goodness and beauty in a deep, personal way. Through the Holy Spirit, we are invited to a feast of joy and peace, and we are reminded that Jesus accepts us just as we are.

4. How you receive this

The first step to becoming a Christian is admitting that you need Jesus and that without him, you’re empty. Trust him to take care of you, even in the small things. Let him guide your timing. Remember, you can choose joy by focusing on the glory of Jesus. Even in the toughest times, faith can bring healing and joy.



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