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Love Beneath the Waves

Tim Keller |  July 29, 1990

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  • Repentance
  • Sin
Jonah 1:1-17
RS 10-2


We’re looking at the Book of Jonah, and we’ve seen that one subject in the book is sin and grace. Even though there are many places in the Bible that talk about those topics very theologically, the great thing about the book of Jonah is it presents these concretely. Sin is running away from God, and grace is God chasing us down, hunting us down in love, and intercepting our self-destructive behavior.

We’ve learned that Jonah ran from God – he literally decided to get as far away from God as he possibly could. Then God sent a storm, and so the plot thickens. This chapter is about the storm God sent and about Jonah’s response to the storm.

Until you see you are not competent to run your life, you are not competent to run your life. This is an intervention of God. Let’s look to see how God intervenes and uses the storm as a way of teaching Jonah about himself and about sin and grace.

Jonah 1:1–17

The Jonah story from the Bible teaches us about mistakes we make, God’s kindness, and how we often try to avoid doing what God wants. It shows us that we can’t always predict what God will do, how He accepts us because of His love, and that we need to admit we rely on Him. It really points out how God steps in and the value of being humble and saying sorry in finding real peace and happiness in life.



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