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Made for Stewardship

Tim Keller |ย  October 22, 2000

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  • Purpose and Calling
  • Work & Faith
  • Stewardship, Generosity and Money
Genesis 1:26-2:2; 2:7-9, 15
RS 122-02


We are called to work because God also worked – He created the world! We can work for God by using our gifts for others. We also need rest from our work,which comes from our security in God through Christ.

Genesis 1:26โ€“2:2; 2:7โ€“9, 15

The book of Genesis shows us how important work and rest are in our lives and helps us answer deep questions about our existence. Especially in busy places like New York, understanding work and the need for rest is really important. We need to know what we’re supposed to do (our calling), how we should do it, and how rest plays a role in that.

1. What weโ€™re called to do

Genesis 1 and 2 tell us something amazing about work: it’s inherently good and even God himself works. This challenges views that see work as a curse or something beneath us. Even what we might think of as ‘lowly’ work is honored and exists in paradise, reflecting a God who came as a carpenter. Unlike Marxism, the Bible’s high view of work is based on a God who loves creation and shows us that all work is a divine calling, deserves respect, and satisfies a God-given need within us.

2. How we should do our work

The Bible points to three keys for job satisfaction and happiness: knowing our talents, recognizing others’ needs, and understanding our divine calling. It talks about ‘subcreation’, which is the unique creative ability each of us has because we’re made in the image of a Creator. The text highlights stewardship and generosity, suggesting that if we align our work with our abilities and sense of purpose, we’ll find satisfaction.

3. What we need in order to get it done

Fulfillment in work doesn’t come from outer success or approval, but from understanding the inherent value of the work and how it serves others. Belief in Jesus and relying on his sacrifice can help us realize this. Furthermore, incorporating rest into our schedules, and seeking the rest Jesus offers, can deepen our sense of satisfaction and peace in both work and life.



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