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Making Peace

Tim Keller |  March 15, 1992

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Ephesians 6:14-19
RS 234-09

Ephesians 6:13–18

Think of the joy an athlete feels when they’re perfectly balanced during a game. It’s almost like they’re floating, isn’t it? That’s the kind of joy we can experience when we’re spiritually ready, thanks to the peace the gospel brings to our hearts. It starts with making peace with God, who has met all demands we couldn’t. When we apply the gospel correctly, it can also bring peace between us and others, making our relationships better.

1. The gospel helps Christians get along better

The gospel changes the way we see ourselves and others. It shows us when we’re being too self-centered or thinking too highly of ourselves. It also helps us realize that feeling unworthy is actually a form of pride, a refusal to accept God’s grace. When we understand this, we stop needing other people to validate us. This allows us to truly love and be at peace with others, and ultimately changes how we see the world.

3. The gospel helps fix peace

As Christians, we see all people as having deep value, regardless of their faith. This is because they’re made in God’s image and have the potential for eternal life. The gospel teaches us to respect others deeply, just like God respected us even when we were against Him. This viewpoint, which comes from the gospel, encourages peace, improves relationships, and emphasizes the priceless worth of everyone. This makes the bond among Christians even stronger.



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