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Man in the Wilderness

Tim Keller |  January 8, 2006

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  • Purpose and Calling
  • God the Father
  • Jesus' Death & Resurrection
Mark 1:1-8
RS 190-01


How do we know Jesus isn’t just a great human king or one of many angelic beings? The Gospel of Mark tells us that Jesus is the anointed King, the Son of God. This passage shows us three things about Jesus the King: 1) The King has come (who he is); 2) The King’s school (how you can meet him in the wilderness); and 3) The King’s cross (where he’s going).

Mark 1:1–8

The book of Mark is a straightforward, powerful account of Jesus’ life. It shows us Jesus as the King and Son of God and focuses on three main aspects of his identity: Jesus has arrived, Jesus’ teachings, and Jesus’ sacrifice.

1. Jesus has arrived

Mark tells us that Jesus is the Lord mentioned in Isaiah 40. This means that God became a man in Jesus, something that no other religion or philosophy talks about. This idea combines the spiritual and physical worlds. The first Jewish followers of Jesus accepted this, and it changed their lives. It replaced their fear with happiness, gave them comfort during hard times, and motivated them to work for peace and fairness.

2. Jesus’ teachings

We learn about meeting God in difficult places, like a wilderness. Even today, people can discover God during hard times, which challenges our reliance on worldly comforts. Baptism is important because it symbolizes being saved and shows our need for a deep connection with God, instead of just basing it on our good actions.

3. Jesus’ sacrifice

Jesus as a King might sound harsh, but it’s actually about service and being saved by grace. His journey to the cross shows his kingship in a different way – through sacrifice. This sacrifice allows us to know God. When we understand this, we can either reject it, be afraid of it, or surrender to it. If we choose to surrender, it leads us to live a life of kindness, humility, and love.



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