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Mary’s Song

Tim Keller |  December 8, 1996

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  • Christmas and Advent
  • Jesus' Birth
Luke 1:39-55
RS 272-13


We’re looking at people who have had close encounters with God. Of course, Mary’s experience is often read at Christmastime.

In Luke 1, Mary sings the very first Christmas carol. It’s the first Christmas song, and I’d say it’s the best.

Let’s look at 1) what leads her to sing, 2) what she sings a little about, and 3) what she sings a lot about.

Luke 1:39–55

The tale of Mary meeting Elizabeth, as told in Luke 1:39-55, highlights the bravery and willingness needed to embrace God’s plan, even when faced with personal and societal hurdles. Their conversation uncovers deep spiritual truths, like the divine identity of Jesus and the language of the Trinity, while also showing the importance of friendship and community in understanding God’s purpose. The story finishes by emphasizing the value of humility, support from others, and recognizing our need for a Savior. This highlights the real, unromantic heart of Christmas and the Gospel’s message: lifting up the lowly and humbling the wealthy.



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