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My Lord and My God (Easter)

Tim Keller |  April 16, 2017

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John 20:19-31
RS 377-01


My Lord and My God (Easter) – Video Preview

Sermon Summary

Thomas, often recognized as the doubter of Jesus’ resurrection, offers valuable insights for modern believers. His journey from skepticism to faith, influenced by his temperament, skepticism of the supernatural, and fear of disappointment, mirrors the challenges many face today. However, his ultimate confession of Jesus as Lord and God illustrates that even the most profound doubts can transform into the most profound faith, providing hope for all believers.

1. Listen to the eyewitnesses

The importance of listening to eyewitnesses is stressed, particularly in the context of Thomas who, like us, had access to accounts of Jesus’ resurrection. Despite doubts about the Gospels’ reliability, modern scholarship supports their authenticity as eyewitness testimony. Belief in the resurrection, therefore, is not about seeing Jesus firsthand, but about trusting the testimony of these eyewitnesses.

2. You have to see He’s speaking to you

The journey to faith in Jesus Christ is not a solitary endeavor, but a process in which Jesus actively seeks out individuals. Doubts and questions about God’s existence often lead to a deeper realization that the search for faith is guided by divine intervention, as illustrated by Thomas’ encounter with the resurrected Jesus. This principle, mirrored in C.S. Lewis’ spiritual journey, underscores the active role God plays in drawing individuals closer to Him.

3. Comprehend the meaning of glorified wounds

Jesus’ glorified wounds signify more than just his resurrection; they demonstrate that our earthly sufferings and wounds can lead us to a profound comprehension of eternal glory. These wounds, when accepted and rested in Jesus, contribute to our ultimate glory and the defeat of evil. They are a testament to Jesus’ love, reflecting the depth of his sacrifice and the extent of his love.

4. Drop your conditions

Jesus’ love is unconditional, extending even to those who were once considered enemies. His love remains steadfast despite our flaws, akin to the profound love depicted in “The Fisher King.” It is essential to relinquish our conditions and wholly embrace His boundless love.



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