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Tim Keller |  December 24, 2006

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  • Jesus' Birth
John 1:43-46
IS 92

John 1:43–46

Jesus, who came from a simple background, represents the highest level of power and honor. His life and birth may have looked ordinary, but they initiated the most significant change in human history. This reminds us that God’s ways can be surprising. He often chooses those who seem weak to surprise those who think they’re strong. It also tells us that true greatness might not be obvious at first glance.

1. Corporate

In society, trends usually start from powerful places and spread outwards. That’s why it’s important to be a good influence in important cities like New York. But God’s spiritual awakenings often start with those who are overlooked or pushed aside, just like in past religious revivals. So, it’s vital to respect these overlooked people, appreciate their spiritual experiences, and keep a balanced view. This way, we can make a real difference in the world.

2. Individually

Many times, the most significant acts of sacrifice and loyalty aren’t noticed by the people around us. But God sees and values them, just as He did with Jesus’ life. There’s a “great cloud of witnesses” who see and support these acts. We see this in the story of Denise Walters, a young girl who faced and overcame difficulties because of her multiple sclerosis. The true meaning of Christmas is also highlighted. If the story of Christmas really happened, then our sufferings are just temporary, and the happiness of the future new heaven and earth will last forever.



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