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Never Thirst

Tim Keller |  January 20, 1991

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  • Purpose and Calling
  • God the Father
  • God's Love
John 4:1-18
RS 11-14

John 4:5–15

Jesus’ conversation with a woman by the well teaches us something deep: we all carry a thirst within us that can only be fully satisfied by the life-giving water He offers, leading to everlasting life. Christianity uniquely tackles the core of our inner troubles, providing a renewing fountain that cleans and revives. The important question is, have we embraced this offer of a new heart and eternal life?

1. His argument

Jesus points out that our souls carry a deep thirst, a longing that can’t be satisfied by anything temporary or of this world. He cautions that putting our hope in the wrong things will only make this thirst stronger, much like trying to quench physical thirst by drinking syrup. Understanding this truth is a sign of wisdom and maturity, and once we grasp it, we have four potential responses.

1. You can blame the things

It’s common to think our unhappiness is caused by things outside of us, often leading us to think that the right conditions or stuff will make us happy. Even successful people can fall into this trap, frequently changing their relationships, jobs, and looks in a pointless chase for happiness. This misunderstanding suggests that getting new things will bring peace, often leading to self-deception.

2. You can blame yourself

Feeling unhappy and blaming ourselves often comes from feeling like we’ve failed or not met our own standards. This cycle of self-criticism, powered by regret over past choices, can lead to burnout. However, there’s a healthier way to approach this, one that supports mental wellness.

3. You can blame the universe

The youthful optimism about chasing happiness and dreams often turns into cynicism and disappointment in adulthood. This viewpoint, which sees life as letdown, can lead to bitterness and distrust, taking away our inherent kindness and humanity. However, there’s an alternative to blaming outside forces or ourselves.

4. You can blame your separation from God

Every creature’s desire has a matching satisfaction, like ducklings and birds. A deeper relationship with God is essential for true fulfillment and everlasting life, and there are two types of people outside of Jesus Christ: those asleep and those awakened, highlighting the need to know God for guidance and purpose. The need for perfect acceptance and a perfect Father to avoid dysfunction is underlined, with the statement that only a heavenly Father, known through Jesus Christ, can satisfy the deep craving for perfect love.



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