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New Creation

Tim Keller |  May 9, 1993

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  • Restoration
  • Salvation
1 Corinthians 15:20-26; 45-49
RS 40-11

1 Corinthians 15:20–26, 45–49

The way we understand Jesus as the second Adam helps us make sense of the mess we humans made in Genesis 3. The passages from 1 Corinthians 15:20–26, 45–49 show us that Jesus brings us back to life the same way Adam brought death into the world. This idea tells us that being a Christian isn’t just about feeling peaceful or dealing with personal problems; it’s about a deep change that affects every part of our lives.

1. Jesus is the first Adam because he is out to do a comprehensive reworking of everything

When we talk about Jesus as the second Adam, we’re saying that He’s starting a brand-new creation and making everything new. His resurrection doesn’t just offer us forgiveness and inspiration; it also gives us a glimpse of God’s future right here and now. It lets us live in today’s world with the energy and hope of what’s to come. This unique belief in the power of resurrection sets Christianity apart from other spiritual beliefs, emphasizing a God who’s beyond us and His ultimate plan to remake the universe.

2. Jesus is the second Adam specifically here because he is renewing the image of God in you

When we grow as Christians, we’re becoming more like God’s image, and Jesus is the one who makes this happen. This isn’t just about learning new things; it’s about experiencing a spiritual rebirth and shifting our focus from worldly things to a life filled with God. This powerful change from God can deeply affect us, helping us reflect His image more clearly and bringing healing to our sense of purpose and the way we see the world.

3. Jesus is the second Adam because he was our substitute

Jesus offers salvation to everyone, but not everyone takes it because it requires a spiritual, not just a natural, connection with Jesus, who is the new Adam. Imagine mountain climbers tied together, with Jesus as the last climber carrying the weight of all who have fallen. He saves them from certain death. When we recognize that Jesus took our place and took on our sins while giving us His righteousness, we can become part of the new creation He started and secure our salvation.



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