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New Life in Christ

Tim Keller |  February 18, 1990

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  • Sanctification
  • Discipleship and Spiritual Growth
  • Sin
Matthew 5:1-9
RS 5-3

Matthew 5:1–10

The Beatitudes are like a roadmap to being a part of God’s kingdom. They highlight the importance of knowing our weaknesses, asking for help, and admitting our mistakes. The story of Joseph and his brothers teaches us that we need to recognize our wrongdoings and accept the gift of Jesus’ sacrifice to be saved. The key is to stop trying to do everything ourselves and instead trust in what Jesus has done for us. This results in change and a richer life under the guidance of Jesus.

1. All of your relationships will be transformed,

Becoming a person who shows mercy to others is a game-changer. It’s not just about doing kind acts but about a deep change in who you are. This change starts when you personally experience God’s mercy. This experience shapes the way we think and act. As we experience God’s mercy, we can show the same to others, reflecting our merciful God.

2. Intrapsychically, you will be transformed

Working towards having a pure heart doesn’t just change your relationships; it also has a big impact on your mental and emotional health. This major shift in your thoughts and feelings is a crucial part of being a Christian. It lines up our hearts and minds with God’s plan and helps us live in peace with others. It’s not just about changing our behaviors; it’s about a deep, inner change that improves our mental health.

3. Your whole direction in life will be transformed,

Mercy, as shown in the Bible, is more than just being kind. It involves understanding others’ pain and actively trying to help. This is seen in the story of the Good Samaritan, where giving generously is considered mercy, and in forgiving others, which means bearing the pain of their wrongs. The life-changing power of this kind of extreme mercy, encouraged by Jesus’ willing suffering, can make communities and individuals less focused on themselves and more caring towards others.



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