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Noah and The Reasons of Faith: Faith as Understanding

Tim Keller |  September 18, 1994

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Hebrews 11:1-7
RS 53-02

Hebrews 11:1–7

Belief and logic aren’t enemies; actually, belief starts with understanding and encourages deep thinking. The shortage of belief in our time is often because people aren’t thinking deeply enough. For a well-rounded Christian belief, it’s essential to think seriously, because thinking is the root of belief.

1. How thinking leads to belief

As a Christian, you need to believe in God’s existence thoughtfully. This is a fact, not just a personal opinion. Some people think belief is against logic, but it’s actually against just trusting what you see. This misunderstanding can create doubt and disbelief, especially if you’re not thinking enough. So, to strengthen your belief, you need to think more deeply about what you believe, because thinking and believing are closely linked.

2. The process of thinking leading to belief

Belief in God gives us a logical way to understand the world we see, because the natural world by itself doesn’t make complete sense. This is like how science works, when scientists observe and test ideas. Sometimes, people doubt Christianity because they’re not thinking critically enough. Accepting a personal God helps explain certain truths and makes us want to have a relationship with Him. This encourages believers to seek truth and think more deeply.



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