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Our Covenant God: What Can I Really Trust In?

Tim Keller |  October 4, 1992

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  • Trust and Assurance
  • God's Love
Hebrews 6:12-20
RS 37-04

Hebrews 6:12–20

God always keeps His promises, like when He promised Abraham to bless him with many descendants. God never changes, and He gives us hope and confidence, especially when life gets tough. Putting our hope in God and believing in His promises is like a safety rope we can hold onto.

1. We need to trust God

Jesus is a strong and secure anchor for our souls, keeping us safe in the stormy sea of life. We need to put our trust in something that never changes, and that’s God. Everything else comes and goes, and if we don’t trust God, we might end up feeling lost, hardened, or even lose sight of who we are.

2. Trusting God is possible

Think about Abraham. Even when he had doubts and fears, he kept his faith in God’s promise. In Genesis 15, God makes a special promise to Abraham, represented by cutting animals in half, promising him many descendants and even the ultimate sacrifice of His Son. Abraham’s story shows us that we need to trust God, who is the highest power, because nothing else is as trustworthy.

3. Trusting God is practical

We can grow our trust in God by thinking about His faithfulness, realizing His promises are better than our wildest dreams, and understanding He knows what we really want even better than we do. We can also participate in activities like singing hymns, taking part in the Lord’s Supper, and praying sincerely. Even when following God seems hard, we need to trust that He can bless us more than we could ever imagine. Not trusting God is like saying we don’t believe in Him.



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