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Paradise Lost

Tim Keller |  November 5, 2000

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  • Creation
  • The Fall
  • Sin
Genesis 2:15-17; 3:1-8
RS 122-04

Genesis 2:15–17; 3:1–9

Adam and Eve’s story in the Garden of Eden gives us some deep ideas. It shows us that evil isn’t just because of bad systems or politics. It’s also a part of human nature. This is something a lot of thinkers in the West are now realizing. By looking at how Adam and Eve lost their unity – through a joke, a lie, and a tree – we can learn how to avoid doing the same things.

1. The joke

The Serpent in Genesis uses sarcasm to make Eve question God’s command. Sarcasm can sometimes help us see what’s not true, but too much of it can make us cynical and lose our faith. If we start thinking everything is a joke, we can lose our faith and end up feeling empty and unfulfilled.

2. The lie

The Serpent tricks Eve into thinking God is holding back good things from her. This lie, which questions God’s love and goodness, is at the root of a lot of problems. It can make us too strict in our religion or make us reject God’s authority. This lie also makes us chase after success, fear being rejected, and doubt God’s intentions. We need to firmly reject this lie.

3. The tree

Adam and Eve’s story isn’t about the fruit they ate. It’s about their disobedience to God. Sin isn’t just doing bad things. It’s also using good things in the wrong way, like looking for meaning in work or relationships instead of in God. The root of all problems is not believing in God’s goodness and using good things in the wrong way.

Even being moral or following rules can be sinful if we use it to think we’re better than others. The real problem is not believing in God’s goodness and using good things in the wrong way. The solution is hinted at, but we’re invited to dig deeper.

Sin leads to feeling alienated, but God’s love for us is shown in Jesus dying on the cross for our sins. The cross becomes the tree of life. Understanding and accepting God’s love is the key to overcoming personal challenges and finding real freedom.

If you’re struggling with working too much or feeling bored, remember that a God who doesn’t cost you anything won’t change your life. The Lord’s Supper is a way to remember Jesus’ sacrifice and deal with these struggles. Knowing that we’re sinners saved by grace reminds us to be humble and confident. Jesus helps us deal with sin and lies.

The prayer asks for Jesus to be with us and help us avoid making the same mistakes. It reminds us that we’re sinners saved by grace and that being humble and confident helps us deal with sin and lies.



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