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Tim Keller |  August 28, 2016

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James 5:7-12
RS 368-09


Patience – Video Preview

Sermon Summary

Modern culture, influenced by consumer capitalism, technology, and democracy, often fails to cultivate patience, a virtue essential for managing life’s challenges like relationships and parenting. This deficiency in patience has led to a decrease in resilience among young adults, who are more prone to trauma and crisis. Despite these societal obstacles, the Christian faith provides unparalleled resources for fostering patience, exploring its nature, the various forms it can take, and methods for its development.

1. What patience is

Patience, as illustrated by the farmer awaiting the rains and Job enduring suffering, is crucial in the Christian life. It’s not mere endurance, but a deep-seated peace and belief in God’s compassion and purposeful work. The lack of patience manifests as irritability and self-pity, while true patience is marked by graciousness and steadiness despite delayed gratification.

2. The kind of patience we need

Patience is a multifaceted virtue, necessary in various aspects of life. It is required in dealing with life’s challenges, fostering healthy relationships, enduring suffering, and trusting in God’s timing. It is not about passive acceptance, but actively maintaining love, faith, and trust, even when circumstances are difficult.

3. How we can develop patience

Patience development is a crucial Christian virtue, cultivated through present practice, past remembrance, and future anticipation. Processing disappointments through prayer, as exemplified by Job’s perseverance, is accentuated. The endurance of Jesus Christ and the future hope of His return are spotlighted as trust-building exercises that foster patience.



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