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Peace! Be Still

Tim Keller |  January 8, 1995

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Luke 8:22-25
RS 56-3

Luke 8:22–25

When Jesus calmed the storm, it wasn’t just a cool magic trick. It was a way to show us his power and control. It also tells us something about him: he can sleep through a storm, he can stop a storm, and he can ask us why we’re so worried. These things remind us that we can be safe and secure when we’re close to Jesus, even when life feels like a raging storm.

2. The sleeping Jesus

Jesus being able to sleep during a storm shows us that God might not react to things the way we expect him to. Even when life gets tough, we can remember that Jesus has already defeated all the bad stuff. It might not seem like it sometimes, but God knows what he’s doing. Trusting his plan, even when it doesn’t make sense to us, is very important.

3. The questioning Jesus

Having faith in Jesus is not just about having a feeling. It means actively remembering and applying what we believe about him. This takes time to study, think, and look for evidence. Even when our faith isn’t perfect, turning to Jesus can help us find the strength and blessings we need to get through the storms in our lives.



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