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Peace Through Conflict (Christmas)

Tim Keller |  December 26, 1993

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  • Prophecy
  • Christmas and Advent
Luke 2:25-35
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Luke 2:25–35

Christmas is more than just a holiday of joy and celebration. It’s also about the conflict and discomfort that comes with the birth of Jesus, as told in Luke 2. Simeon prophesied that Jesus would bring division in Israel, highlighting the challenging side of His coming. Christmas is truly about Jesus taking charge of the universe and our lives, a fact that we often forget. But it’s through this conflict that we ultimately find His peace.

1. He brings conflicts between people

When Jesus declared Himself as the highest King and Lord, people were forced to make a choice – to accept Him or not. There was no middle ground. Christianity grew because of His strong teachings, His inspiring life, and the believable words of the Bible, even though some people resisted accepting Him fully.

2. He creates conflicts within our own hearts

The Christian faith shows us that peace and conflict go together. It tells us we need to admit our mistakes and turn away from them. It doesn’t matter who we are or what we’ve done, we can all come to God through faith in Jesus. Yes, admitting our wrongs can be hard, but it’s the start of healing and finding peace. Trusting in God’s control and following His ways can give us happiness and strength, even when life is tough.



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