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Power for Facing Trouble

Tim Keller |  October 8, 1995

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  • Suffering
James 1:5-8
RS 266-02

Understanding James 1:5–8

When we go through tough times, it’s important to ask God for wisdom. This isn’t just any wisdom, it’s the sort of wisdom that helps us handle and get through difficulties. Nowadays, people often care more about what they want than what’s actually real. But in hard times, what we really need is wisdom.

1. The role of wisdom when facing challenges

Wisdom is super important when we face tough situations. How we think about and understand these situations really shapes how we deal with them. Our beliefs about ourselves, the world, and God have a big impact on how we view tough times. If we believe the wrong things, we can make our suffering even worse. Even with all our modern technology and medical advancements, there are still things we can’t control. Everyone dies, and sometimes this makes people angry and feel like some suffering is unnecessary.

People often wonder if believing in God makes life better. In today’s world, it can be hard to believe in life after death. But if we do believe in it, it can really change how we look at life and its challenges. The idea of wisdom and foolishness comes up when we talk about how we view ourselves and the world. It’s important to be humble and realize that we don’t have all the answers.

When we go through tough times, it can show us the weaknesses in our beliefs and ideas about life. Real wisdom is understanding that God’s wisdom is better than ours. The connection between suffering and truth is also discussed. If we get mad about suffering, it suggests that we believe in a world where there should be no suffering, which suggests a higher power. Finally, while Jesus’ death on the cross deals with the general issue of suffering, understanding our personal suffering can be difficult.

2. Gaining wisdom from challenges

Kids are born with certain traits, like being anxious or aggressive, which can make it harder for them to act wisely in some situations. But by following the teachings and example of Jesus Christ, who was always wise, we can learn how to be strong, single-minded, and trust in God’s guidance. This journey might be tough, but in the end, it leads to spiritual growth and wisdom.


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