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Practicing Faith in a Pagan World (Part 3)

Tim Keller |  March 13, 1994

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  • Purpose and Calling
1 Peter 2:13-22
RS 251-05

1 Peter 2:9–21

1 Peter’s message lets us know that being a Christian is more than just following Jesus’ teachings; it’s about having a personal relationship with him. It tells us that just being a good person isn’t enough, we need to understand the depth of Jesus’ life and teachings. When you become a Christian, it’s like going from being in the dark to stepping into the light, or like moving from a messy room to a tidy one. It’s important to remember that seeing Jesus only as a good teacher and not as our Savior misses the point.

1. The call is always a disturbance

Being a Christian is not something you choose, it’s something that happens to you. It’s like a wake-up call that makes you think about the big questions in life and your own mortality. This call from God can come in different ways and it might not always be comfortable, but it’s necessary. It’s not just about following Christian rules, it’s about reacting to something bigger than yourself that’s reaching out to you.

2. The call means out of darkness into the light

When you become a Christian, it’s like going from a dark room into a bright one. It means realizing that you don’t know everything and being willing to learn. This change isn’t just about how to live, but about understanding what Jesus has done for us. Being a Christian means we should avoid bad habits, respect those in power, care for our souls, and find a balance between trying to be a better person and accepting ourselves as we are.



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